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Represents Hammelmann Gmbh Germany in India

We render sales and service of their High Pressure Water jet Pumps, accessories and spares in India. These pumps are precision made and are highly sophisticated. The technology is patented by Hammelmann Germany.

Hammelmann Gmbh

Hammelmann Gmbh is the global pioneer of off-shelf and tailor made high-pressure solutions that produces pressure ranging up to 4000 bars. Hammelmann also produces accessories and attachments that suit relevant applications across an array of industries.
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History and milestones

1949. Foundation

The company is founded by Paul Hammelmann in Oelde, Westphalia

1955. Foundations of the current business

The company decided to start manufacturing high-pressure pumps and cleaning systems. Hammelmann became a pioneer in the field of hydrodynamics and was responsible for many trailblazing innovations.

1960. Touched 500 bar

During the mid-year, operating pressures only reached 500 bar.

1974. Revolutionized high-pressure technology

Hammelmann revolutionized high-pressure technology with the introduction of the friction-free plunger seal assembly. This metal-to-metal sealing system enabled operating pressures of up to 2000 bar to be reached for the first time together with a high service life.

1969. launching of Dockmaster

Hammelmann launched the Dockmaster as the first semi-automatic ship cleaning machine. Today’s version of the unit is environmentally friendly and features direct suction, and is not only used in shipyards but also for the selective removal of concrete in road construction.

2021. Onwards

Today, we can achieve operating pressures of over 4000 bar and flow rates up to 3000 l/min with Hammelmann high-pressure pumps. Water tools are used more and more in automatic cleaning processes. Cleaning cast parts is just one of many examples. Whereas these previously could only be cleaned by hand (if at all), robots now carry out the work with the help of high-pressure technology made by Hammelmann. In endeavoring to solve individual problems and improve existing solutions, the company has grown from modest beginnings into an internationally recognized manufacturer of high-pressure technology products. The plant in Oelde boasts state-of-the-art machinery and covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Decades ago, the point of fitting a cover over a high-pressure unit was just that. Today, the covers have more to do in controlling sound and exhaust emissions. Hammelmann also supplies individual elements such as dust particle filters and electronic microprocessors and controllers.

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